Our focus

Rosetta is a venture capital firm specialising in the life sciences and medical device sectors. Our investment approach centers on direct secondary transactions, offering adaptable liquidity solutions to investors and corporations.

Secondary direct transactions enable investors to liquidate existing portfolio holdings, freeing up capital for alternative purposes before an exit is realized. With our expertise, Rosetta navigates various seller scenarios, tailoring deal structures to meet individual needs and preferences

Our experience in completing secondary transactions spans a diverse range of sellers, allowing us to optimise deals based on specific situations and requirements

Furthermore, we remain committed to supporting the companies we invest in through follow-on financings and strategic engagement with boards, management, and co-investors, guiding them through pivotal value inflection points

Rosetta offering for investors

Secondary direct transactions offer investors the chance to liquidate their current portfolio holdings prior to reaching an exit point, thereby freeing up capital for other purposes. Rosetta has extensive experience in conducting transactions with diverse sellers, tailoring the deal structure to suit each seller’s unique circumstances and needs.

Rosetta offering for portfolio companies

Rosetta remains committed to providing ongoing support to the companies in which they invest. This support includes facilitating follow-on financings and engaging strategically with company boards, management teams, and co-investors to navigate through key value inflection points.

Counterparties that seek liquiduity options through secondary transactions

Financial investors (e.g. venture capital or other private equity groups)

Academic institutions

Pension funds

Corporate venture capital groups

Rosetta has completed secondary transactions with all counterparties above.

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About us

We are a specialist UK-based life sciences venture capital firm that invests globally to build leading healthcare companies and breakthrough technologies that can deliver benefits to human lives. We invest through direct secondary transactions to provide flexible liquidity solutions to investors or corporations 

Case studies

We have an experienced investment team that has a long history of completing secondary transactions with European and North American healthcare investors to acquire equity positions in portfolio companies.