About us

Rosetta is a specialist UK-based life science venture capital firm that invests globally to build leading healthcare companies and breakthrough technologies that can deliver benefits to human lives. We invest through direct secondary transactions to provide flexible liquidity solutions to investors or corporations.

Our investment strategy is focused on direct secondary transactions.

As a secondary investor, we provide flexible liquidity solutions for other investors or corporations that wish to divest some or all of their investment assets or to access additional capital and resource to optimise investment outcomes. We bring new capital to participate in follow-on financings and help support the company through value-adding inflection points.

We have an exceptional track record over XX years:



Global investment horizon

with a track record of executing transactions across North America and Europe

6 funds

raised and deployed across the life sciences and medical device sectors

$XXX million

in historical commitments


IPO and M&A exits, mostly on NASDAQ and European exchanges

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Our focus

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