Rosetta Capital is a specialist venture capital firm focused in the life science and medical technology sectors


Rosetta is focused on direct secondary transactions. We provide liquidity solutions for other investors or corporations that wish to divest some or all of their investment assets or to access additional capital and resource to optimise investment outcomes. We offer flexible transaction structures, from the straight purchase of equity holdings to co-management partnerships with existing investors.  We bring new capital to the table to participate in follow-on financings and help support key programs through value-adding inflection points.


We are a multinational team from the venture capital, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. For well over 10 years, we have been working with entrepreneurs and life science companies to help them achieve their ambitions. We have worked with some great inventors and management teams, seen some amazing new product innovations and participated in the development of some truly game-changing companies.  We are an active team that engages strategically with our Boards, management teams and co-investors to secure successful IPOs and trade sales.


Rosetta is headquartered in the United Kingdom and manages funds comprising more than 30 active portfolio companies across Europe, North America and Asia.